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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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becoming politicized. now, you know what, i know i have lost a couple of votes. i lost all of them. i firmly believe that pe is a really important thing. it keeps us healthy. talk about prevention. this is prevention. it is a state-mandated requirement. i, too, have been threatened. it illustrates how far this subject will go and this issue will go that people will call you in your home all your having chant -- dinner and threaten you. that is incredible. and yet we have this resolution here today that gives them more. gives them our funds. let them supervise two schools with one instructor.
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because they did not comply with our requirement that its board set forward, and they are in violation of their own rules that every instructor must abide by the governing body of the school district in which they were, that we will extend them another year. if you can do this in good conscience, i am sorely disappointed in you. but i think this resolution goes too far and i am glad that our teachers came today because i have spoken to some of them and i said we might lose this vote but you have to speak up for your profession, your credential in, and also fourth escalation -- also for pe. it is making a mockery of how important physical fitness is. we require every one of our
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teachers to have a four year degree. that is what we require of all of our their teachers. and they are taught to teach the standards. i -- i know people have heard this from me before and i think they are irritated to hear it again but i think that they need to. jrotc is jrotc. pe is pe. i'm going to say it one more time. some of a struggle with being overweight. guilty. some of the struggle with obesity. i do not want our students to struggle with that as adults. when they leave our schools, i want them to know how to be physically fit. i want them to have instruction that teaches them how to be. thank you for being here for this late night.
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and for standing up for your profession and also to my colleagues on the board, i think if you are considering passing something like this, then you also need to make some amendments about the number of students this one instructor can supervise because you are taking jobs away from people who have worked for us for many years. we have laid off five pe teachers. if this is put forward, they will lose many more. i want to say to you, commissioner mendoza, thank you for speaking the truth about this. we all know the impact this has. this amendment to this
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resolution, it is taking jobs away from our credentialed teachers. it is taking the opportunity for students to have a standard is structured curriculum to them. they have every right to have this. this is not an argument about jrotc or pe. they are separate issues. i asked my board to reconsider this. i notice political. do what is right for kids. do it now. we talked about equity. this is where the rubber meets the road. commissioner maufas: i will be brief. i have a question, you had mentioned in your comments that you had noted, besides one of
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the two issues, that the class sizes were large. did you have a number or a close figure? >> i can only give an estimate. i can run the numbers. this year we established a separate course #4 pe -- number for pe. in one case, i know there was a particular teacher, there was around a hundred students that teacher was supervising. for pe independent study. commissioner maufas: thank you.
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that is also what is part of this amendment. i will tell the authors, i get to that we have the requested action, which puts in bullet points what we are doing. but even trying to find it in the resolution, i am here next to the parliamentarian and she is still looking. this is problematic. i'm just telling the authors. if you have to clarify this year, i do not mind the background. everybody needs it. but if i cannot match what you are saying in these bullet points, with the resolution, it does not match up for me. it is very convoluted. there are deletions and the information that is supposed to be supplemented, i am really
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struggling. i am telling you. that is one layer of the issue. if you have not noticed, i believe that at every board meeting this year we have had somebody come to west and speak about physical education. whether it was members of the shape of community, some working with them, in nonprofit partner, one or two been representatives from our own apartment. every school board meeting, somebody has spoken about physical education. every meeting consistently. i have heard that message. i have heard it at every meeting that somebody is coming and speaking about physical education. tonight, who mentioned michelle obama? it was michelle parker.
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but she came and spoke on physical education and she is our pta president. her voice carries quite a bit of weight in california because she often goes to sacramento. tuesday that she has partnered up with shape up san francisco and is supporting physical education, it is not a joke. nobody is making it up. it is a mandate and we need to have it. i have a real respect pe -- highly respect pe teachers. a former student came up to him and said i need to start exercising again. i need to get into the shape i was in when i was with you. i am trying to do other things. i am trying to join a football league. i need to get back into shape.
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he was telling me, even our kids come up to us after they have graduated talking to us when they were in shape. it makes a difference in their lives. they think about it all the time. the point is, to think we cannot have it or we are glazing over it with independent study, i am so grateful you are working on occurred and chilling. every class she taken move toward that, you are doing what we expect everyone else. i am grateful you are there and get the importance of it. other folks have had to do it and i do not hear them complaining. nobody has ever said i had to go through this in this. they just did it.
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then applied for the job. i expect you all to do it as credentialed teachers. i have talked about that over and over again. it is not news to you. the trouble with these numbers, and not to believe that a school, pleae, -- please, will not take the opportunity to do it. choose independence that the instruction, which takes in a huge number of students. at two sites? i would do it. if it meant i could be using that money for something else that i was getting pressure from the state or the district, my school had to do this and really cut where they thought something
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was not important, i can see a school doing this. i do not believe that we cannot. we can because that is the reality of the day that they will choose this option. especially if the fund-raiser, it was fruitful but 30%, you have a long way to go. that is what we were hoping for. i was enthusiastic where i heard the commissioners would be helping you. i hope they have been. it is a daunting task to raise money. you have to come up with the other half. if you have instructors who are at the site now and they can cover some of the budget, i
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cannot imagine not taking advantage of that. and using that to work better with their budgets. this is not the way to serve kids. i am not supportive but i also want to point out this is beyond the slippery slope. i think it is vertical, down. it is down. you know, i do not understand how the author could come with something that they now in the future -- i am struggling how you came forward with these changes. also they are not evident in the resolution. parliamentarian is still searching. those are the few things that i am really struggling with. this will be difficult to make a choice around and we are putting
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that burden around them. it should be on us. we have talked about how we would do with this. not well. i feel like you are betting a few of us will not be here in a few years and no telling what this will look like them. i guess i will be over there. it is problematic and you know it. i would like you to address it. the points i cannot find in the resolution, that would be helpful. where i can find these bullet points, i do not see them in here. the general public does not understand it. how do not imagine that they're going to use this to adjust their budgets can find something else they think is highly valued?
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i'm not saying they do not believe in physical education but this is a way to make an adjustment and it is evident and i see it. i would like some responses. mr. sanderson, send the information that you know you have to all of us. commissioner murase: the question is, why did i bring this forward together with the authors? because it is about the students. i have talked to a lot anof jrotc students and they tell me this program keeps them in school. they connect with the instructors and the other kids. it is very meaningful to them. i visited a class where they
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teach the kids how to manage their time, get scholarships, and it seems to be a very valuable program. i want to reiterate we are the only school district to require that our instructors get a credential precisely because we did not want unqualified people teaching our kids. the school board voted to make a requirement that our instructors -- of all of the high schools in california, 77% to allow pe to be fulfilled by jrotc without the pe crenshaw. several commissioners have expressed concern about supervising more than one site, my question is if we're required to an instructor for each, would now put more pressure on school
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budgets? i do not want to second-guess budgets. i feel like councils are elected bodies and they decide what is best for their students. obviously it is important and i have received messages, do not do away with pe. i cannot imagine a school that would eliminate pee. -- pe. >> let jrotc teach jrotc. commissioner fewer: no. commissioner maufas: no. commissioner murase: yes. vice president norton: yes.
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president yee: yes. >> that's four ayes. president yee: the next item is under special order of business. entering into a new lease agreement with a nonprofit for the use of the sites located -- is there a motion? reading of the recommendation by the superintendent.
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>> good evening. nobody should have to follow a budget discussion or a discussion on jrotc, let alone both. this puts me in an odd place after summoning very serious discussions. before i go into this i want to personally say to superintendent garcia it has been a privilege to serve with him these past years and it is an honor to call you a friend. i wish you the best. some brief history before read the resolution. we are all aware that for a number of years we have been talking about what to do with this property. we turned around and had a discussion of anything other than child care.
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we embarked on a discussion with the city, we approached our own people who do not need it for child care. we selected a responsible provider who is compared to operate child care on the site. we are now at the end of the road where we would like permission to enter into the final stage of a lease. the subject is and tear into a new agreement with the french american interests -- international school, a nonprofit corporation for the use of the site located at 1155 at page st., san francisco, california. the requested action is that the board of education authorize the superintendent of schools to enter into a lease agreement with the french american international school, a
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nonprofit corporation, for the use of the site located at 1155 page st., san francisco, california, for 20 years from september 1, 2012 to august 31, 2022, with an adoption for an extension through august 2032. the director is in the audience if you have any questions on this issue. i know you have had many discussions with me over the course of the month. with that, carlos is giving me that famous look. which is enough. >> there were no public comments. commissioners? vice president norton: i wanted to express my gratitude to the people from french american who
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sat through five hours of this meeting. if you are willing to that, you are going to take great care of the site and i am happy to support the least. -- the lease. commissioner fewer: we had a lot of community members coming out and they gave us a lot of feedback. i think it has pushed us to be better and to ask those kinds of questions. i want to cigarettes into the french american international school for addressing those issues. for being a very forthright and willing to hear some of the criticisms were concerns of the community and addressing them adequately and working with us. i wanted to say thank you and we wish you much luck at this time. commissioner murase: i wanted to
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report the french american proposal was discussed at the march meeting and at the may meeting. there was a lot of feedback provided to the team, including concerns about how to serve disadvantaged communities and secure support for their application and they have come back with responses that have shown they are taking this endeavor very seriously and have taken our perspective into account. i am happy to support this proposal. commissioner mendoza: thank you. we started this many years ago, david. what are we going to do with
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this surplus property? i appreciated the process we went through to find out of this something we could do, the community was clear that there was a need and we needed to fill it. not only for the child care community or the education, but also the community that lived around the area, that has been taking care of the property over the years because it has been an eyesore. i was happy and the last meeting to hear the support from the community, this is going to be going into the site. i am excited to see the investment to be making. i look forward to a long, a wonderful partnership in coming together. the only thing i would asked,
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this is asking us to go into an agreement. i know there were details that needed to get worked out. if we can get an update on that that would be great. we appreciate that you are going to be serving the community and you have been open to many of the ideas that have been put forward. commissioner maufas: i want to echo what my colleagues have said. i do not think i have sat on the buildings and grounds committee. i am happy to see this go forward. i am sorry there are no public comment cards. i was hoping to hear some french. commissioner wynns: i wanted to say that i was happy to meet with you but i want to honestly
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say in public, i am intimately interested in using our resources to support private schools. but i am supportive of the policy we passed, the directive to try to reap some financial benefits from properties we are not likely to use. even though the benefit for this is far out, there are other benefits in the meantime. it is a cost for us. that is why i am supporting this. we asked them to do this and he did it. that is what i will be voting for.
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>> i wanted to thank the board of education, so many of you, for working with the superintendent and i over the course of time to have the discussions that brought it to this point. it has been an enlightening process of working all the way through and everybody knows what is going on. thank you. president yee: again, this is the second major transaction we are going to have this year. this property has been available for a long time. i am glad that the building will
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be used for that purpose and i am glad we have found somebody that has the finances to make this a reality. when i asked these questions, i can they find and support this, the vision they have, it was clear they were going to be able to do this. i think we did the right thing. selecting the organization's that are going to be able to implement the program and the vision that they put forward to us. without further delay, let's have a roll call. commissioner fewer: yes. commissioner maufas: yes. commissioner mendoza: yes. commissioner murase: yes. vice president norton: yes.
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commissioner wynns: yes. president yee: yes. president yee: just because we have a relationship, you are more than welcome to come every tuesday to our meetings and sit through this. congratulations. >> one more of the details are known, i will bring that back to the report. >> i know you agreed we would not take things out of order, but we have one other item -- we would like the public to hear it. our resolution on the tax initiative. i do not think it is going to take very long. president yee: that is a good idea. item r. >> we need five votes,
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everybody. president yee: jill, i am running the meeting. suspension to hear the resolution. >> for suspension of the rules? for the funding initiatives. thank you. commissioner maufas: yes. vice president norton: yes. president yee: yes. six ayes. president yee: formal introduction before the board. reading of the resolution.